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Day 13: Santo Domingo to Belorado

Today we walked 14.2 miles (22.9 km) in 8 hours with a couple of breaks.

We started the morning in Santo Domingo about 8am and grabbed a couple of things for a makeshift walking breakfast as we made our way out of town. About an hour later we came into the town of GraƱon and found a gathering of pilgrims at a little store with tables and chairs outside, so we sat down and had the rest of our breakfast while Ted & Lisa went in search of coffee.

After about half an hour back on the trail, we left the region of “La Rioja” and entered “Castilla y Leon”, with a nice big border sign and map of the Camino to mark the location.

We went through two more “ghost towns” today, so lunch got changed to a picnic in a park, with all the various snacks everyone was carrying laid out on the table. We’re basically walking grocery stores at times so nobody went hungry.

After a seemingly endless gravel road running parallel to the highway, we finally made it to the town of Belorado, with a population of about 2,100. I got a slight sunburn today, and the shorts and sunglasses were definitely in use, so we’re thankfully already seeing a big improvement in the weather over last year. I guess I’ll need to break out the sunscreen tomorrow though.

We were pretty tired after yesterday so I wasn’t sure how we’d all feel today, but we walked further and ended the day feeling slightly better than yesterday.

T&L found a good place for tonight’s dinner while I was showering and washing clothes (and Kathey was napping) so we’ll be heading out soon since we’re all pretty hungry.

Enjoy the photos from today!

20140602-183358-66838859.jpg [1]

20140602-183357-66837994.jpg [2]

20140602-183359-66839795.jpg [3]

Red poppies in the foreground, white and purple poppies in the field:
20140602-183357-66837065.jpg [4]

20140602-183400-66840921.jpg [5]

20140602-183732-67052480.jpg [6]

20140602-183729-67049660.jpg [7]

20140602-183730-67050542.jpg [8]

20140602-183731-67051559.jpg [9]

20140602-183728-67048759.jpg [10]

A note left hanging next to a yellow arrow from pilgrims for their friend:
20140602-184025-67225803.jpg [11]

20140602-184024-67224974.jpg [12]

20140602-184029-67229661.jpg [13]

20140602-184024-67224105.jpg [14]

20140602-184027-67227717.jpg [15]

20140602-184026-67226692.jpg [16]

20140602-184544-67544394.jpg [17]

20140602-184541-67541899.jpg [18]

20140602-184542-67542751.jpg [19]

Drying socks on the walking clothesline:
20140602-184543-67543583.jpg [20]

20140602-184545-67545207.jpg [21]

20140602-184959-67799147.jpg [22]

20140602-184957-67797460.jpg [23]

20140602-184958-67798275.jpg [24]

20140602-184956-67796619.jpg [25]

20140602-185000-67800037.jpg [26]

20140602-185150-67910204.jpg [27]

20140602-185149-67909295.jpg [28]

Our albergue tonight: Cuatro Cantones:
20140602-185151-67911101.jpg [29]