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Day 19: Frómista to Carrión de los Condes

Today we walked 11.6 miles (18.7 km) in about 7 hours with breaks.

We started the chilly morning with clear blue skies again, which has become so much the norm that we’re probably in danger of taking our beautiful weather this year for granted.

Unfortunately my knee wasn’t quite feeling the beauty, and took about 15 minutes to warm up again before it stopped popping. This meant having to walk extra slow to avoid the clicking, but it finally relented and we were able to resume our normal speed.

We stopped for breakfast in the first little town we came to, and said hello and Buen Camino to all the other pilgrims doing the same, many of whom we’re starting to recognize now. There’s Scott and Henry from Atlanta, Tom and Frances from Dublin by way of Canada, Claudio and Albert from Brazil, Sangji and her friends from Korea, the Japanese guy, the German guy that’s just doing a few days this year, the Aussie guy that’s doing this for the second time, and the British guy Paul with the Brazilian girlfriend Daia that he only met four days ago (how does that happen exactly?!).

We started this year’s Camino a week ago today, and we’ve all settled into a pretty good rhythm now. We had a good day of walking today and are making great progress.

Here are the photos for today.

20140608-214901-78541723.jpg [1]

20140608-215123-78683640.jpg [2]

20140608-215122-78682700.jpg [3]

20140608-215121-78681783.jpg [4]

20140608-215120-78680840.jpg [5]

20140608-215124-78684450.jpg [6]

20140608-215435-78875900.jpg [7]

20140608-215437-78877893.jpg [8]


20140608-215438-78878758.jpg [9]

20140608-215436-78876838.jpg [10]

20140608-215439-78879695.jpg [11]

20140608-215639-78999681.jpg [12]

20140608-215712-79032126.jpg [13]

20140608-215744-79064915.jpg [14]

20140608-215743-79063963.jpg [15]

20140608-220204-79324022.jpg [16]

20140608-220204-79324847.jpg [17]

20140608-220357-79437154.jpg [18]

20140608-220203-79323166.jpg [19]